Company History :

The company was founded in 1962, thanks to the synergy of four brothers, who together plan the birth of the brand, through a blend of creativity and innovation, with the name Confezioni Mirella, and from here they start to give shape to ideas and realize first garments, following an instinct and a passion that is still winning today. Alone with just a few collaborator they begin their adventure, which will lead in 1984, with the entry into business of the son of Manfredo, Manrico, the creation of Mirella Matteini, is the new that brings value to the old, the work focused on the care of distribution, supervision of the administrative area and the study of the responses of the market, search, and succeeds to expand abroad, with a very recognizable style that is characterized with a very feminine mood urban chic, which is still the strong point of the brand.
Shortly after, in order to meet a wider slice of the market, which requires a sophisticated and fashion product, was born Lei by Mirella Matteini, a collection designed for the plus size, giving life to a woman who wants to feel beautiful and daring, with its generous curves, never forgetting class and sophistication. In 2008 it was the turn of the new brand Eclà, the newest, to the need to have a young line that amaze and involve, inspired by a collection that excites and knows how to excite a woman who shows the most feminine part of itself. Still prevail the typically Italian values of the brand, quality of materials and product, research creativity and love in the beauty, romance and craftsmanship, attachment to their history, desire to grow and comparison, tradition, open to change. To date, the three brands are the bulwark of the company, a company in constant growth thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and passion that characterizes this family.